• Lake Yojoa, Honduras

    Lake Yojoa, Honduras

    LAKE YOJOA, lies between two National Parks, Santa Barbara National Park and Cerro Azul Meambar National Park and is home to more than 400 species of birds, and more than 800 species of plants. Some of the best coffee in the world is grown in this region. Recognition for its great cacao isn’t far behind. Our farmers are paid £23.61* for fresh wet babba (cacao seeds/beans) vs £12.00 (Lempira) in the local market for unfermented dry beans.

    MERENDON. Our first Honduran chocolate was from the Merendón Mountains. We still have a limited availability.

  • Wampusirpi, Honduras

    Wampusirpi, Honduras

    WAMPUSIRPI, a small town of less than 2,000 inhabitants, is in a remote jungle area of northeast Honduras on the Patuca River (2d largest river in Central America).  The cacao grown here is a combination of indigenous Trinitarios and trees (United Fruit, FHIA, and CATIE) provided by sporadic NGO efforts to support this region. Our supplier is a philanthropist who is committed to being a reliable buyer in a place where cacao is the only cash crop. Farmers earn dry equivalent of $2.53/kg which is 124% of the “local” market, (2 days away) that pays $1.13/kg. for unfermented dry beans.

  • Matagalpa, Nicaragua

    Matagalpa, Nicaragua

    Matagalpa is located in north central Nicaragua near the continental divide between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. This region is increasingly popular with ecotourists because of its beauty and biodiversity. Originally it was home to the Matagalpa Indians whose language was spoken until 1875. This fertile area is known for its great coffee, vegetables, and flowers.

    Our farmers are paid dry equivalent rate of $2.37/kg for fresh wet babba (cacao seeds/beans) in a local market that paid $1.53/kg for dried unfermented beans – an increase of 55% without the added labor of drying beans.

  • Usulután, El Salvador

    Usulután, El Salvador

    In the southern part of Usulután (which shares its name with the volcano), you will find Jiquilisco Bay known for its untouched natural beauty and home to the largest abundance of coastal-marine birds in El Salvador. Cacao was first planted in the luscious sandy loam soil on our supplier’s farm near here about 100 years ago.

    This single estate cacao is purchased for $4.20/kg vs world market of $2.35/kg for dried, fermented beans.

  • Talamanca, Costa Rica

    Talamanca, Costa Rica

  • Mesocacao Product List

    Mesocacao Product List

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