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Our team of experts is committed to providing high quality, single origin couverture and cacao products to artisan chocolate makers and chocolatiers. We source the best heirloom varietal beans directly from farmers, oversee the highest quality post-harvest fermentation and drying processes, and utilize our own high precision equipment to create fine and distinctive couvertures.

Sourcing the highest quality cacao beans

Our team creates direct trade relationships with small farmers ensuring they are properly compensated for planting and harvesting the highest quality product.

We currently source different variations of the Trinitario cacao, each with its own distinct flavor profile which is provided by the unique genetics and terroir of individual farms.

Post-harvest processing

Practice of proper fermentation and drying techniques is both an art and science, acquired only through years of experience. Our team collectively brings this necessary experience to the post-harvest process. Rigorous standards, cut tests and direct oversight combine to ensure premium, flavorful beans.

Making great chocolate

Starts with expertly processed heirloom beans. We let the flavor of the bean shine through with lighter roasts and the simplest recipes: cacao nibs, raw cane sugar, and milk powder, without lecithin or vanilla additives. Mesocacao couvertures are created in our own facilities in Honduras with high caliber equipment, providing precision control over each step of the process.

Our Team

We are a diverse group committed and highly motivated to bring our premium single origin couverture and cacao products to market. The Mesocacao team includes notable industry experts Hugo Hermelink, Giff Laube, Jose Enrique, Steve DeVries, and Joe Reiser with newcomers John MacDonald, Mark Harman and Megan Hile.

Giff Laube &
Jose Enrique

Hugo Hermelink

Steve DeVries

Joe Reiser

John MacDonald &
Mark Harman

Megan Hile

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